Featured Business – MilwaukeeHome

Milwaukeehome - logoAs I mentioned in My Milwaukee Resolution I couldn’t wait until the new year to start supporting the Milwaukee economy by buying local.  I began early with my Christmas shopping.  One of the businesses I discovered was MilwaukeeHome.  I’ve seen and admired their product around town, but I was even more intrigued by the company when I learned the backstory.

MilwaukeeHome is not a chain store with product available in every major city.  It is truly a Milwaukee owned and operated company.  Melissa, the owner and creator of MilwaukeeHome, is a native to the area, who like myself, takes pride in saying she lives in Milwaukee.  She exudes such pride that she designed the MilwaukeeHome logo and made herself and a friend a sweatshirt as a Christmas present.  Whenever her and her friend wore their sweatshirts around town, they were approached by other locals who wanted to know where they got the sweatshirts – and that is how MilwaukeeHome came to be.

Four years later MilwaukeeHome has expanded their product line to include an assortment of tees, hoodies and accessories for the whole family.  She even has product for the newest Milwaukee residents.


One of the thing I love the most is that even though the business has grown substantially over the past 4 years, the design has remained simple, clean and fresh.  I have an apparel background and I can attest the product not only looks cool, it is also extremely comfortable and high quality.  A few of my favorites are:


Product can be purchased at the MilwaukeeHome downtown retail store located at 159 N Jackson Street, online via the MilwaukeeHome website or through any of the following retailers:

Congrats to Melissa on her business and cheers to future success!

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