Ted’s Ice Cream & Restaurant

Local owner Kevin Wadhams says it best himself, “Once they come in, they’ll come for the rest of their lives.”  My thoughts exactly.  Ted’s Ice Cream & Restaurant is located in a neighborhood on North Avenue in Wauwatosa.  I lived within walking distance for almost ten years.  My roommate introduced me to Ted’s and I haven’t stopped going.  We use to go in the afternoon and recap the prior night’s events over burgers and shakes.  Lazy afternoon lunches have turned into breakfast with the family – I still order the shakes.  Included in the family is my husband, two kids and a group of familiar faces I’ve been sharing breakfast with for years.  My kids have basically been going to Ted’s since birth.

My usual is two eggs over medium, bacon and sourdough toast.  Sometimes I’ll change it up and do an omelet and every now and again I’ll order a burger for breakfast.  The coffee is always good and the shakes are outstanding with anything.  No need for menus, they have them if you insist, but usually a quick glance around the double horseshoe shaped counter and you’ll see something you want.

Ted’s keeps a fairly low profile with hardly a yellow page listing.  Most if not all of their advertising is word of mouth.  If you Google Ted’s Ice Cream & Restaurant Wauwatosa you’ll see a number of positive write ups and reviews with no website of it’s own.  Perhaps it’s their organic grass roots approach that has allowed Ted’s to remain true to their origin for over seventy years.

I envision I’ll still be visiting Ted’s in seventy years.  By then, the only thing I will likely be able to order is the shakes.

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  1. […]  Ted’s Restaurant and Ice Cream on North Ave. in Wauwatosa.  Ted’s is serving up a cod fish fry with coleslaw, rye bread, and your choice of potato pancakes, french fries or hash browns for $7.99. For those with a lighter appetite we also have baked cod and fish sandwiches on toasted Kaiser roll.  If you want just the cliff notes, I basically love everything about Ted’s – the Cheer’s -esque atmosphere, double horseshoe counter and the shakes!  If you want more, you can read the full write-up here. […]


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