Biloba Brewing Company

On my quest to fulfill my new year’s resolution to ‘support the Milwaukee economy by shifting more of my spending to local businesses’, I started generating a list of places I want to visit.  Today I came across one that falls into the category of ‘I can’t wait to visit.’  Over the past month I’ve heard several mentions of a small microbrewery in the village of Brookfield.  I was shocked, as I drive through the village almost daily and have not seen the place.  I did a little digging and found there is indeed a microbrewery in the village on Pleasant Street just off Brookfield Road.

Biloba Brewing Co. opened in 2013 and is Waukesha county’s 1st microbrewery! Their focus is to create unique flavors of beer using simple and pure ingredients.  Guests can try a 1/2 pint or a pint of their current selection of taps.  Current assortment includes brews varying from Golden (9.0%) and Scottish Ales (4.75%), to a smooth chocolate ale (6.0%) and even to brew’s whose names are just fun, like Drop it like it’s Hop (7.75%) and Dark Side of the Brew (7.5%).  If you find something you love, you can buy a growler to take and enjoy at home.  Personally, I think a growler of a unique local beer would make a great gift for a friends birthday or to the host of the next party.  Better yet, send it to an out of towner to display just a little glimpse of Milwaukee greatness.   If you get hungry the tasting room serves pretzels from the Milwaukee Pretzel Company and they also encourages guests to order to-go from neighboring restaurants or even just bring their own food.

I believe it was sheer luck that I found this place when I did as they are releasing just 200 bottles of Raspberry Lambic on Thursday, February 11th.  Individual bottles go for $12, but they have also put together a few Valentine gift options that pair a bottle with cheese or chocolate.  Yes, I said chocolate.  And not just any chocolate – Indulgence Chocolatiers, which is another local Milwaukee must.

It’s amazing the local business gems you can find in your own neighborhood.  I challenge everyone to get out this year and meet the local businesses for yourself.  From MKE Local to Biloba Brewing Co., welcome to the neighborhood.  Prost!

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