Sendik’s Personal Shopper Service

I’ll take all the help I can get – seriously.  With two small kids, a full time job and my efforts to maintain some sort of a social life, I’m always short of one thing – time.  I often find myself online shopping after the kids go to bed.  Until this point I haven’t bought groceries online.  Amazon Fresh sounds amazing, but it has yet to debut in the Milwaukee area.   So when I heard about Sendik’s Personal Shopper Service, I thought I might give it a try.  Then I read Miltown Mom’s review of the service in which she said it made her feel like Kim Kardashian and I knew it was a must try!

Overall, I found it quite easy.  Go to the Sendik’s website and select “shop” in the upper menu bar.  My first time I was prompted to choose a store and create an account.  The whole process took roughly a minute.

Then I began filling my cart.  At first I thought that I would simply be replacing my shopping time in the store with online shopping, but I actually found quite a bit of time savings.  I spent roughly 30 minutes shopping online.  Keep in mind it was my first time navigating through the site and I had to create an account.  There are the typical options for how to shop:  category, featured products or best sellers.   Then there are the completely convenient methods by looking at past purchases or by, my favorite, flipping through the ad.  If I saw I deal I liked, great, I merely clicked on the deal and added to my cart.  Another great added bonus is under the “specialty” category, you can actually shop by ‘local’ products.  I ordered local favorites like:  Sprecher Root Beer, Purple Door Ice Cream, Angelic Bakehouse, Lakefront Brewery and Colectivo Coffee.

As I said, I spent roughly 30 minutes shopping online, which is basically equivalent to the amount of time it takes me to write my grocery list.  As opposed to pen and paper I simply brought my tablet into the kitchen and glanced through the refrigerator and cupboards to see what I needed.  I ordered a total of forty-four items.  Twenty-four items, or over half my order, was produce, so I was a little nervous.  I’m fairly particular about my fruit.  The website does allow you to type comments.  I used this feature to type in things such as “green bananas” and “ripe avocados.”

I placed my order at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.  Yes, online grocery shopping was the highlight of my Saturday night – my how the times have changed!  I scheduled pick up for 10 a.m. on Sunday.  I received a confirmation email with a copy of my order.  Another cool feature is you can modify your order after placing it if you think of something else you need.

I did receive a voicemail Sunday morning saying a specific brand of tortilla shells that I ordered were not available and they were notifying me of a substitution.  Because I didn’t answer they moved forward with the substitution, but  the personal shopper communicated it again at pick-up to ensure I was ok with the swap.  I also received an e-mail notification at 9:34 in the morning saying my order was ready for pick up.  I was happy that my order was ready a little early as I was right down the road on another errand.

IMG_6686I pulled into the Sendik’s parking lot and parked in one of the designated spaces.  I texted the number on the sign and within a few minutes an adorable, bubbly, personal shopper came through the doors with my groceries.  She was friendly and personable.  When I got out of the car to help her load the groceries in the trunk, she reminded me that I didn’t need to lift a finger and could just wait in the car.  She handed me an envelope with my receipt and then mentioned she included a complimentary 4-pack of chocolate muffins for trying the new service and spending over $100.  In total the service costs $5.95, which I have chalked up to the best $5.95 I will spend each week.  I saved over an hour and whatever else I would have spent on impulse purchases when going to the grocery store with two kids in tow.

The muffins weren’t the only pleasant surprise, I was very thankful for how neat and orderly everything was packed – all the fruit was in one bag, veggies in another, the meat was all together in a bag, etc.  It made unpacking a breeze.  Sendik’s has gained a customer for life and I have easily gained one of my favorite things – time!

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