About MKE Local

As a native to the area I am extremely passionate about all things Milwaukee – not only because it’s my home, but also because of everything Milwaukee has to offer.  Very few places offer the combination of large city amenities coupled with the charm of a small town and topped with good old Midwestern values.  My ‘real life job’ has allowed me to spend a significant amount of time in the nation’s hottestcities.  While I love the adventure of travel and the change of scenery, I’m always excited to come home to Milwaukee.

A huge part of what makes Milwaukee special is the long list of local businesses that have become common household names across the nation – Miller, Sprecher, Palermo’s Pizza and SC Johnson, just to name a few.  Lately, the local news has been riddled with stories of plant closures and jobs moving out of state.  These very stories leave me with a feeling similar to hearing nails on a chalkboard.  This city is too great to abandon!

We all play a role in this.  The best way to keep business is Milwaukee to simply support our local businesses.  Studies show that every $1 spent at a locally owned business, more than 68¢ stays local and impacts the local economy. Compare that same $1 spent at a chain store and only 43¢ remains in Milwaukee.  We can all do our part to support the Milwaukee economy by choosing local businesses over chain stores.

I have developed this site as a platform to highlight local businesses and to try to do my part to keep Milwaukee amazing!